Congratulations on the right decision for healthy air and better quality of life!

As managing director and owner of the company Venta I would like to invite you to welcome name of my entire team!

With the Venta air scrubber you are now in possession of the world’s best 2 in 1 humidifier and air purifier that keeps your air constant moisturizes and at the same time keeps pure.

Whether you use it in the nursery, bedroom, living area or office use, you will feel the optimum indoor air quality in a short time and may soon be in for more living or work areas purchase another device. Many of our satisfied customers have already bought several air scrubbers or Venta to family and friends recommended.

You’re in an elite group with actors like Edward Norton, violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy, the famous opera singer José Carreras and many others who rely on our quality.

Thank you from Team Venta for choosing us.

Fred Hitzler
Chairman, Venta USA